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Security Cabin
The presence of light steel made precisely designed Security Cabin can be noticed outside the buildings of residential complex, corporate houses, government offices and commercial organizations. The entire cabin is insulated with EPS sandwich panel. Easy to relocate, this removable cabin requires less installation charge. The corrosion and weather proof structure of this cabin ensures its high durability even under the effect of earthquake.
Bunkhouse Cabin
EPS sandwich panel insulated galvanized steel made portable Bunk House is utilized as a temporary accommodation space for site workers. Featured with PVC sliding windows, composite steel made door, corrugated sandwich panel insulated roof and plywood fabricated floor, this type of movable house is equipped with necessary safety arrangements like smoke detector and fire alarm. The self drainage system of its roof has been incorporated by keeping rainy weather in mind.
Site Office Cabin
Easy to install Site Office Cabin acts as a movable office space for personnel and workers engaged in various developmental projects and construction works. This cabin is featured with cold rolled steel or welded steel made high strength frame, rock wool panel insulated walls, plywood made floor with wear proof design and galvanized steel made sub floor with required thickness level.
Portable Cabin
Galvanized steel made Portable Cabin serves as an excellent temporary accommodation solution for workers of construction sites, for personnel engaged in various government projects that require changing of sites and so on. Easy to erect, dismantle and relocate, the wall and roof of this type of cabin is insulated with thick rock wool or EPS sandwich panel to improve its acoustic properties and thermal insulation capacity.
Toilet Cabin
Twin sheeted plastic, galvanized steel and powder coated mild steel made Portable Toilets are used for construction site workers, office workers or guests invited in social gatherings to suit their sanitation requirements. These Eco friendly toilets are equipped with necessary accessories like wash basin, toilet bowl, drainage pipe, ventilation area, toilet paper roller, water tap and soap dispenser to maintain hygiene of their users.
Prefab Building
Light steel frame and galvanized steel sheet made Prefab Building is used as a temporary accommodation space, office space, goods storage area for warehouse and car parking area for garages. The height and floor dimension of this type of portable building can be adjusted as per requirements. All its steel parts and accessories are painted to avoid rust. Earthquake and weather proof design is one of the key attributes of this prefabricated structure.
Portable Office Cabin
Equipped with necessary office furniture like swiveling chairs, work tables, conference room, water and electricity arrangement, the Portable Office Cabin acts as a temporary as well as a comfortable office area for various governmental as well as private organizations. The galvanized steel made structure of this office space is completely insulated with EPS sandwich panel to avoid outside noise. The metal composite doors and PVC sliding windows have contributed to its modern look.
Toll Booths
The enclosed type and open type Toll Booths are made of rust protected galvanized steel or light steel with high durability level. The fiber glass wool or rock wool insulated roof and walls of these booths have enhanced their acoustic as well as thermal insulation properties. Earth quake proof structure, plastic steel made windows, composite steel fabricated doors and plywood floor are some of the key attributes of these booths.
Portable Home
Convenient to install and remove, the Portable Cabin is used as a makeshift accommodation or working space for site workers, offices, shops and hotels. The galvanized steel made structure of this home is completely weather proof and can endure seismic effect. This home contains plywood made subfloor, aluminum alloy made sliding windows and doors with glass cover of double layered construction and PVC bathroom floor.
Puff Panel Cabin
The Puff Panel Cabin with polyurethane sandwich panel insulated design is used as a suitable storage space for offices and different production units. This cabin is also used as accommodation space for office workers and military personnel. Accessible in various width, length and thickness options, this modular cabin is completely fire proof and is appreciated for its easy assembling and dismantling method, quick installation process, energy saving characteristics and physical stability.
Customized Marine Container
Standard grade corten steel and high density ABS plastic made Customized Marine Container is used as a reliable cargo transportation medium. The weather proof structure of this marine container is featured with PU or rock wool insulated design that helps to maintain its inside low temperature level required to extend shelf life of stored perishable food products like vegetables and meat based items during its transportation.
Mobile Container
Accessible in tailor made configurations, the Mobile Container is utilized as a dormitory space, site office, storage area, site accommodation space and labor camp to name a few. This type of earthquake and fire proof container can be installed, removed and relocated sans any trouble and without causing any damage. The entire structure of this container is completely water proof and high temperature proof.
Portable Kitchen
Equipped with modular furniture and all sorts of cooking amenities like cookware, oven, smoke exhaustion chimney, water and electricity arrangements, the well insulated Portable Kitchen serves as a hygienic cooking space. Accessible in tailor made size and dimension options, this kitchen is featured with PU or EPS or rock wool insulated roof and walls, aluminum alloy or PVC door and PVC made turn or sliding type window.

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