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Construction Details

Structure & Construction: The structural frame work shall be all welded type to comprise of the bottom frame, overall framework, internal external cladding with insulation & other peripherals, sloping self draining roof.

External Cladding: Shall be 18 gauges, G.l.S./ MS pressed steel vertical corrugated MS sheet which shall be welded to the bottom MS channel frame, corner posts, top frame & roof frame. The gaps present are sealed at bottom sill plate, edges seam etc.

Inner Panel Work: Pre laminated 9 mm particle Board will be screwed on the side all on the internal supporting structural members. All corners and the vertical joints of the panels will be neatly finished with Aluminum powder coated angled & flats or bidding PVC biddings.

Insulation 50 mm. Thick: Glass wool walls and Expanded Polystyrene Slabs having excellent thermal efficiency and acoustic & Thermal performance of 50 mm. thick average confirming to IS-8l83. Which will be fire Safety, Noise control, Thermal Comfort, Sound absorption. Energy conservation, non corrosive to metal. Temperature control, Glass wool Insulation Density : 24Kg/m3, 32Kg/m3. Rockwool Insulation Density 48Kg/m3,  64Kg/m3, 50mm Thick.

Base Frame 125 x 70 mm Beam: Frame work and in between cross members of  100 x 50 mm on which 18 mm V-board mounted with Vinyl Flooring.

Flooring: 18 mm thick E-board shall be fixed with self tapping screws, to the base frame. The top inside layer of the board is covered with PVC Vinyl carpet l.2 mm. thick capable of taking 400Kg/soft loading.

Roof: Shall be made of plain 18 Gauge G.I. Sheet / M.S. Sheet, adequately provided with pressed reinforced sections from inside for additional strength and shall be of sloping from the center towards the wall for efficient drain of rain water & to avoid collection of duct, leaves etc.

Main Doors: Frame Work by 40 mm x 40 mm Square pipe external wall made by G.I. / M.S. Sheet Inner wall decorated by 9 mm laminated board and suitable locking arrangement.

Windows: The windows can be made of PVC or qualitative aluminium black coating powder & grills should be of clear or dark floating glass

Surface Pretreatment And Paint: The external steel surface shall be pre - treated with anti - corrosive chemicals including de - greasing and de - rusting and phosphate primer subsequently it shall be painted with corrosion resistant synthetic enamel paints with two coats.

Electricals: The components present firstly wired for air conditioning & electrical lightning. The power points have been mounted on the walls with the help of cable ropes for on site wiring to provide adequate lightning in room. The wire PVC insulated copper wires and concealed wire used are of ISI quality standards. Different sizes of wires are used for different purposes like: 3/20 size wire is  used for sockets & lightning and  7/16 size wire used for main incoming.

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